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At Will Space, we bring fitness back to the basics—but basic doesn’t mean simple. It’s time to experience fitness in its natural form: MOVEMENT. Our techniques are inspired by the age-old disciplines that have brought strength to humanity for centuries.



Escape the modern fitness madness.

Repeatedly lifting weights up and down, spinning in place, and other modern fitness methods go against our very nature. Humans were made to move. It’s time to experience fitness in its natural form: MOVEMENT.

Only through the method of movement can we redevelop the reflexes we once needed to survive, the strength we need to thrive, the endurance we need to keep going, and the flexibility we need to keep flowing.

At Will Space, we bring fitness back to the basics—but basic doesn’t mean simple. Our techniques are inspired by the age-old disciplines that have brought strength to humanity for centuries, far before dumbbells, ellipticals, and treadmills came into existence.

We train and test to evolve a set of 6 Movement Principles. By igniting multiple elements of the body at once, supporting your weight through complex movement, and building your strength through mobility, you will learn to tap into your human potential. Feel the difference at Will Space.


Will Space’s
6 Movement Principiles

1. movement Flow

At the start of the program, movements are taught individually. Over time, students learn to integrate and flow from one position into another with ease.

This creates a beautiful yet challenging choreography of complex movement. In a single session, you can experience elements of capoeira, modern dance, and micro acrobatics as you flow between movements like the Lizard, the Cossack Insertion, or the Step Behind.




The foundation of strength and movement is your ability to control and move your own bodyweight at will. Strength is not just about how much you can lift or how many push-ups you can do, but how well you can manage carrying your body through different positions and directions.

Working through balancing methods, hanging techniques, and complex body-weight movements, Will Space Movement rebuilds strength across the entire body to create a strong foundation.

It’s not about repetitive movement, it’s about relevant movement.

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3. Active Flexibility

Learning how to stretch in new ways allows you to move in new ways.

Passive stretching—like bending your waist and hanging over your legs—isn’t actually doing much to help your body heal. Active flexibility, on the other hand, requires you to ignite your muscles to get into the stretch—thereby “turning on” the body around the muscle being stretched. That’s the deepest and most rewarding kind of stretch, one that a foam roller or a muscle gun can’t reach.

Better mobility means better movement, which means better results.

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One key to Will Space Movement is developing the smaller muscles and connective structures around every joint throughout the body. Most conventional training or exercise programs disregard these nuanced-yet-critical parts of the body.

This aspect of the Movement develops “flexural strength:” the ability to bend without breaking. Will Space’s trainers develop control and power through a series of straight-arm, joint strengthening and manipulating techniques that create bodies as strong and flexible as “liquid steel.”

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Our philosophy is that play is an important part of learning.

Will Space trains agility, proprioception, hand-eye development, speed, and endurance through a number of martial arts-inspired “games” using tennis balls and sticks. Students are challenged to tap into every cell of their being to react, think, move, and repeat with instinct.

A tennis ball will never look the same again after a training with Will Space.


6. Recharge
& Recenter


The body cannot thrive by doing hard work alone.

Will Space Movement explores recharging the body through tension-releasing shaking techniques, breath work to oxygenate and detoxify the system, and stillness work to recenter the mind.



Short version: It’s great, you’ll learn a lot here. Go for it, you won’t regret it.
— Cheryl I.

I used Will Space to get into great shape for my wedding. I am a triathlete and have always been drawn to cardiovascular workouts, but for my wedding I wanted to improve my flexibility strength and muscle definition. At Will Space I was able to completely shatter my goals in half the time I had allotted.
— Chris

Will and his team are absolutely amazing! They have completely transformed my body—the shape, the weight and most importantly the way I feel—I can move much better and feel much more energetic!!!
— Megan

I’ve been to many different trainers in NYC, and Will Torres is absolutely one of the best. I need trainers that are extremely knowledgable about form and posture, and Will understands how muscle groups interact and explains this very clearly when developing a program.
— Emerson
BEST PERSONAL TRAINERS EVER... My trainer Jorge, combined strength and conditioning workouts with some cardio. Each day, a unique workout was planned for me. Aside from the training, the gym is pristine.
— Samantha

I thought I knew how to work out until I met Will Space. They really care about teaching you the right form for each exercise so you can achieve the results you want.
— Camilla

I’m a long time runner, but had hit a plateau. Training at Will Space has been the perfect thing! Every session is different and challenges my body with movements that you don’t get with other trainers or classes - and they are specific to your body and goals with positive coaching kind of energy. Six weeks and I feel so much stronger - and more flexible. I wish I could come more often!
— Chandra

I don’t have enough amazing things to say about Will Space!! Their approach to fitness is unlike any other class I’ve been to or trainer I’ve worked with. Every exercise is paired with mobility active stretch which made me realize how incomplete my training was on my own or in other gyms.
— Roseanna