Your journey starts here

Willspace is an intimate, private gym in NYC that specializes in real-world training programs tailored to each individual. With proven, long-lasting results, Willspace boasts some of the best personal trainers in NYC.  We focus on the correct execution of movement and concentrate on full body workouts to maximize results. We create a solid foundation and strategically progress movements to improve your strength in the most efficient way. As we engrain good habits inside the gym, you will apply those principles in your everyday life. It’s not about just looking fit; it’s about actually being fit.


Precision lift sessions are designed to maintain and increase your muscle tone, while optimizing strength, boosting endurance and igniting your metabolism.


Our combative programs include  Muay Thai, Ju Jitsu, running and rowing. These improve your endurance and strengthen your core like never before.


Our mobility system incorporates the newest stretching and myofascial release techniques to help you regain flexibility and release tight and restricted muscles.

Taking Exercise to a New Level