The First step starts with you. 


WILLSPACE personal trainers are committed to transforming your body through weight lifting, conditioning, mobility and natural movements. With proven, long-lasting results, WILLSPACE is New York City’s premier personal training studio. To develop the human body, we focus on a few key components that result in an amazing foundation and core. With three movement principles -- bracing, torque and hinging --at the core of our program, nothing is left to chance. As you apply each principle, you gain greater understanding of your body and how to organize your muscles and joints to create optimal movements for long lasting results.


Whether you are lifting body weight, kettlebells, or barbells, lifting is a fundamental component of fitness. Precision lift sessions are designed to maintain and increase your muscle tone, while optimizing strength, boosting endurance and igniting your metabolism. We incorporate movements that target multiple muscle groups instead of trying to isolate smaller muscles. The more muscles we can “turn-on” during a workout, the greater the results. Lifting also allows us to create symmetry throughout the body by developing muscles that are not getting enough work in day to day life. Our goal is to create strength throughout the entire body, not just the parts you see in the mirror.




Our conditioning programs combine multiple cardio elements, including boxing, Muay Thai and Ju Jitsu, as well as running, jumping and rowing, to improve your endurance and develop your core like never before. By themselves, forward-motion workouts like running and cycling do not address the body’s ability to move at various speeds and in various directions, leaving certain muscles unchallenged and limiting results. By incorporating kicks, punches and other dynamic movements, your body will push, pull, twist and bend to new levels of athleticism. Every power-packed session will make your body more efficient at burning fat and leave you feeling energized, strong and confident.




In today’s competitive culture, many people are more focused on how hard they’re working, or how many workouts they’re getting, than on the recovery time and attention needed to repair and restore the body after muscles have been taxed. To make matters worse, these people often spend a large portion of their day sitting slumped over a desk, putting strained muscles into a shortened position and deteriorating posture. Our Mobility system incorporates the newest stretching and myofascial release techniques to help you regain flexibility and to release tight and restricted muscles.