The Top 5 Pointless Exercises of 2018

Strength is a skill and to develop any skill one must have a strategy.  Over the last 20 years, my research has led me to develop a strategy called Re:Train, in which, we use to help clients better understand how to develop a movement practice that addresses strength, endurance, flexibility and mobility.  Over this time, I have found certain paths to be incredibly effective and others ineffective or irrelevant in the results that they produce.  I have selected 5 exercises that I feel lack substance and coined them as pointless because I do not believe that they are the best way to change the intended muscles.  My intention is to create awareness of their flaws and help you to explore a different way of approaching your movement agenda. 

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So what is really holding some of us back from making physical activity a regular part of our lives? Celebrity fitness expert Will Torres, the owner of NYC’s luxury fitness studio WILLSPACE, says many of us are going about our workouts all wrong, making our bodies resistant to our efforts. When we see results we get motivated, but when we don’t after a while, we’re over it.

“I don’t believe that people truly have a motivational problem. I think that most people have not invested enough time learning how to move properly so when they go and do things, they’re doing it wrong and it’s uncomfortable,” Torres said. “When you do something wrong and it hurts and it’s uncomfortable, your brain is going to say, ‘Stop doing this because I don’t like this and you’re going to hurt me.’ After doing that for a few weeks you’re like, ‘You know what? I’m not motivated.'”

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You know what they say: where there’s a will, there’s a way.

That’s especially true when we’re talking about trainer Will Torres of the Manhattan fitness studio WILLSPACE.

Torres, a 20-year veteran, is known for his results-oriented workouts via “Re: Training” movements, a cutting-edge proprietary methodology based on full-body precision. Valuing quality over quantity, the studio is adept at delivering measurable and lasting transformations.  And because with the swelter behind us and the season is prime for takin’ your routine outdoors, we caught up with Torres to run through nine exercises you can do at the park that’ll keep you lean and trim.

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"When we break free from the confines of things 'designed' for fitness and engage in movements that the body was naturally designed to do, that's when we see the greatest impact," says Will Torres, celebrity trainer and founder of WILLSPACE. "Allowing the body to use its full potential gives us better movement and better results." Read on for some great examples that are simply too cool to pass up.

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