Will Torres Celebrity Personal Trainer
Welcome to Willspace, what I believe to be New York City’s most luxurious personal training studio.  Not because of its exclusivity but because of the level of support and care we strive to give each client that works with us.  We promote functional fitness that will last you a lifetime. There are no “get it quick” schemes and no ridiculous claims.  If you are reading this I know  you are in search of something different.  You may just be getting started or you may be looking to change things up. Whatever place you may be in, if you are serious about getting long-lasting results then you are in the right place.
I have been in the fitness industry for nearly two decades. I've seen fads come and go.  I've seen many people try to "change things up" or "shock the body" only to be disappointed with the results.  I know that when all is said and done the number one key to consistent and lasting change is learning how to move right.  To me the purpose of working out is not how much weight you can lift or how many times a week you workout.  The purpose of working out is so you can better master your body. What good is it if you can take a spin class but your quads and calves are too tight for you to do a deep squat? What good is it to be able to lift lots of weight on a machine if you can't do a pull-up?  
At WILLSPACE, we train with the lights on! Even with the lights, one of our biggest challenges is getting clients to understand how to move their bodies, the right way.  This is not a bootcamp or a dance party on a bike.  We RE:TRAIN movement to help you to create a body you are proud of.  
Most people think of technique and form as being important so you don't get injured.  While, yes, this is true, I have to say that it takes a lot for someone to get injured and generally speaking people can go a lifetime doing things wrong and never hurt themselves.  Even more important than avoiding injury is not getting the results you are working toward.  
Every person we come in contact with, whether they see us for one session or 50, leaves with a better understanding of how to move with proper technique.  The result of moving with precision is getting what you put into it. It's when doing five reps, really well, will do more for you than doing 100 reps of an exercise, not so well.   
Have you ever wondered to yourself, "Why am I not seeing the changes that I'm supposed to be?" Or, "I'm doing this class but something tells me that I'm not doing it right." Or, "It hurts but I know my body and I just need to power through it."
I'm here to tell you that "powering through it" is not the way.  There is a better way, and we have it.  I've spent my career developing a system that will make sense of all you think you know about movement. We literally RE:TRAIN your movement to realign, rebalance and redefine your body like never before. We take every movement from a plank, to a squat, to running and teach you where each body part needs to be, how to breathe and where to push from so that you activate the right muscles. What this means to you is a body that you always wanted in less time and half the work. 
I use movement because, to me, movement is something you do all day.  Exercise is something that you do for an hour three or four times a week. You don't have to be "working out" to move with precision.  The quickest way to get results is to do it right from the beginning. With our team of highly qualified trainers, we insure that you are never a test subject for new methods. Our training programs are tailor-made with tried and true methods. Our trainers devote themselves fully to you, so you walk away knowing you are closer to reaching your fitness goals. You only get one body; we make sure you get the most out of it.
Yours truly,
Will Torres