Short version: It’s great, you’ll learn a lot here. Go for it, you won’t regret it.
— Cheryl I.

I used Will Space to get into great shape for my wedding. I am a triathlete and have always been drawn to cardiovascular workouts, but for my wedding I wanted to improve my flexibility strength and muscle definition. At Will Space I was able to completely shatter my goals in half the time I had allotted.
— Chris

Will and his team are absolutely amazing! They have completely transformed my body—the shape, the weight and most importantly the way I feel—I can move much better and feel much more energetic!!!
— Megan

I’ve been to many different trainers in NYC, and Will Torres is absolutely one of the best. I need trainers that are extremely knowledgable about form and posture, and Will understands how muscle groups interact and explains this very clearly when developing a program.
— Emerson
BEST PERSONAL TRAINERS EVER... My trainer Jorge, combined strength and conditioning workouts with some cardio. Each day, a unique workout was planned for me. Aside from the training, the gym is pristine.
— Samantha

I thought I knew how to work out until I met Will Space. They really care about teaching you the right form for each exercise so you can achieve the results you want.
— Camilla

I’m a long time runner, but had hit a plateau. Training at Will Space has been the perfect thing! Every session is different and challenges my body with movements that you don’t get with other trainers or classes - and they are specific to your body and goals with positive coaching kind of energy. Six weeks and I feel so much stronger - and more flexible. I wish I could come more often!
— Chandra

I don’t have enough amazing things to say about Will Space!! Their approach to fitness is unlike any other class I’ve been to or trainer I’ve worked with. Every exercise is paired with mobility active stretch which made me realize how incomplete my training was on my own or in other gyms.
— Roseanna