We have developed a new personal training concept, SQUAD, that combines the energy, community and competition of a class with the personal attention and results that come from the WILLSPACE personal training method. SQUAD is designed to get you in the best shape ever.   

There is nothing better than getting together with a group of like-minded people for an all out push to the finish line. The energy and excitement of a group is incredibly inspiring and motivating.  The only drawback is the larger the group, or class, the less attention you receive.  We all know the importance of technique to avoid injury and most importantly getting the most out of every rep.

SQUAD takes 2-3 clients, of various fitness levels, through a full-body training session that will leave your body trembling and craving for more.  Within SQUAD there are two workout types: KNOCKOUT & GRIND.

The Knockout class...was AWESOME. It focused on the fundamentals of kickboxing while infusing a ton of cardio and high energy work. Definitely going back and HIGHLY RECOMMEND!
— Hayley G.
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GRIND is all about getting it in.  You will push your endurance, strength and metabolism to new heights. This SQUAD session combines cardio (rowing, jumping rope, air bike) with strength moves (box jumps, kettlebell swings, push presses) in an all out session that will leave your body trembling and craving more, all at the same time.  No other workout compares to the results GRIND will deliver.

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Hang up those running and cycling shoes because KNOCKOUT is here to replace your cardio workouts.  This Squad session will get you to step-up your training game through kickboxing, punching bags and pad work that will crush your core, shed body fat and tone your arms and legs. This workout will leave you drenched and help you break through any plateau. 

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