Our trainers are elite movement coaches and are here to help you transform your body through better movement.
— Will Torres


With over 2 decades of experience, Torres has become one of the most sought-after trainers within NYC.  His mission is to help clients get better results through better movement.  "Exercise is something you do for an hour three times a week, but movement is something we do all day.  You don't have to be "working out" improve your body."  He believes that the quickest way to get results is to do it right from the beginning. He's developed an all-star team of trainers to help him spread his vision and help clients develop measurable and lasting results.



Medrano is an elite and multi-faceted trainer.  Medrano leads his clients through a series of cross-training, self-defense and self-empowerment movements in each session, serving to exercise both the mind and body.  He joined the Willspace team in May of 2012, bringing a jolt of enthusiasm and unique expertise to the team.



A tri-athlete and marathon runner, Chaz strives to combine cardio and strength training into one cohesive workout for maximum client results. He is an incredible motivator and passionate about helping others achieve their fitness goals.



Robbie motivates his clients to push and focus as he teaches them how to better maximize each and every movement.  He is incredibly motivating interjecting both tough love and humor into his sessions.  Robbie believes that training has a therapeutic aspect as it centers the mind, the body and the soul.