The Coaches at WILLSPACE are highly trained, certified experts. Each Coach is professionally accredited before completing extensive training in Will Torres' proprietary full-body precision movement methodology. WILLSPACE Coaches develop intelligently engineered custom programs designed to help members move smarter for better, faster and life-changing results.

As a member of WILLSPACE, you will have a team of coaches behind your unique program. Each one of our coaches is highly specialized in varying disciplines, from Muay Thai and Olympic lifting to gymnastics and yoga. Here at WILLSPACE, you will be exposed to a 360 degree fitness experience rooted in our proprietary full-body precision movement methodology, allowing you to reimagine your fitness possibilities.



Will Torres is a New York City-based personal trainer whose clients include celebrities, models, athletes and individuals looking to approach fitness in the smartest way possible. With over 20 years of experience, Torres intelligently engineers custom programs for each client focusing on a foundation of full-body precision movement. He is sought-after for his innovative methodology rooted in technique, variational training and movement expertise.

"Movement is the foundation of fitness and something we do every day, even when not in the gym," says Torres. "What we do at WILLSPACE builds the highest quality foundation that not only allows clients to reimagine their fitness possibilities, but also begets measurable and lasting results."

Torres' devotion to pursuing, developing and sharing only the most intelligent and effective fitness information has resulted in the development of a highly trained, expert team of Coaches who offer WILLSPACE members bespoke fitness programs with life-changing results.



Having competed in multiple triathlons and marathons, Chaz Reuben carries a deep understanding of how critically important precision movement is to not only performance, but also injury prevention.

“My goal at WILLSPACE is to elevate members to the strongest representation of themselves,” says Reuben. “As I’m constantly narrowing my eye for technical precision, I’m able to safely push clients to unimagined levels of fitness prowess.”

Reuben’s naturally infectious personality allows him to authentically connect with members while maintaining a high level of motivation. He believes that physical fitness is the vehicle for increased confidence in all aspects of one’s life.

When not Coaching at WILLSPACE, Reuben takes on the role of creative development and brand management for Caputo & Co., a luxury accessories line, and moonlights as an award-winning actor for both television and Off-Broadway productions.



Prior to becoming a WILLSPACE Coach, Robbie Flores enjoyed a career in mixed martial arts (MMA) that spanned over 10 years. With an unquenchable thirst for discovering and mastering the most credible and innovative fitness techniques, Flores thrives on challenge.

"I constantly challenge myself and our members," says Flores. "By ensuring that my coaching toolbox and personal fitness techniques continually raise the bar, I'm able to introduce our members to cutting-edge ideas that maximize each and every movement."

Flores is incredibly motivating, interjecting both tough love and humor into his sessions. He believes that training has a therapeutic aspect as it centers the mind, the body and the soul. When not coaching at WILLSPACE, work-shopping techniques or competing, Flores spends time with his beloved pit-lab mix, Luca.



Beginning his personal training career at an upscale mass-market gym, Jorge Reyes understands the fitness limitations many members come to WILLSPACE believing they're confined to.

"I love breaking through that barrier and showing members that with our methodology, anything is possible," says Reyes. "As a team, we invariably push and learn from one another; WILLSPACE is an incubator of excellence and that translates directly to our members."

Reyes' boundless energy and appetite for problem solving offers members playful encouragement supported by innovative and customized solutions. He believes fitness is both grounding and, when approached intelligently, astonishing. When not Coaching, Reyes can be found on the rings at WILLSPACE polishing his gymnastic skills.



Cesar Colon has almost a decade of mixed martial arts (MMA) experience specializing in Muay Thai and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Cesar, who’s currently pursuing dual degrees, thrives on constant stimulation whether it be intellectual or physical.

“The WILLSPACE methodology keeps not only me, but our members steadily challenged and continually stimulated, says Cesar. “Technically precise movements combined with variational training not only carries innumerable workout possibilities, but also yields results that are equally measurable and addictive.”

Cesar's peaceful demeanor and tenure with the U.S. Military allows him to be supportive and tenacious when coaching members. He’s passionate about helping members overcome fear or self-consciousness when embarking on new fitness experiences. Outside of coaching at WILLSPACE, Cesar enjoys mastering movements, and consuming philosophical podcasts and lectures.



Prior to embarking on Coaches Training at WILLSPACE, Lauren Brunt enjoyed a rewarding career as a yoga instructor. With a skilled understanding of large class dynamics, Brunt recognizes the value that the one-on-one WILLSPACE experience offers.

“All of the Coaches here have such diverse offerings and expertise, and we’re always excited to share what we know with one another,” says Brunt. “The collaborative environment allows all of us to feel a sense of pride when we see members succeed.”

Infusing sessions with positive energy and a keen eye, Brunt forges connections with members while providing motivating feedback. When not Coaching at WILLSPACE, Brunt is practicing her craft and continually discovering aspects of New York City.