Our precision-based approach, RE:TRAIN, is designed to elevate your training experience and deliver a measurable and lasting transformation.  The quality of your technique impacts your results more than the intensity or the length of your workouts. The smallest misalignment will pull tension away from the intended muscles and create stress on the wrong parts of your body.  The RE:TRAIN Method literally retrains your muscle memory so you can engage the correct muscles through proper mechanics, exact angles and measured breathing.  



...holding you back from your true potential. The first component of the RE:TRAIN Method is to find the areas of your body that are being restricted by tight and tense muscles.  Once these muscles are released we can begin to realign the body and develop long, lean muscles.  Performing any type of exercise with shortened or tight muscles will only train them to stay that way.  


Once the large muscles have been released and lengthened we begin the second phase of the RE:TRAIN Method; to turn on the Reactive System, aka stability muscles. The Reactive System is a number of small muscles throughout the body that serve as the dynamic suspension of your body. RE:TRAIN uses a series of movements to re-awaken the Reactive System, helping to create better postural alignment and core control allowing you to harness and use every ounce of energy expended.   

Experience breathtaking results 

Phase three of the RE:TRAIN Method brings it all together as you push, pull, punch and kick your way to new heights of performance. The better you perform the better your results.  By incorporating elements of conditioning, Pilates, Russian Kettlebell training, gymnastics and conventional strength training techniques your training will never plateau. RE:TRAIN will help you develop a body you are proud of.