West Village NYC Personal Training & Elite Gym


Our new movement space, dedicated to exploring body-weight strength, 360 degree core, flexibility and more, with classes that address everything you know you should be doing in ways you never imagined possible, is now in full-effect. Join the movement!




The foundation of strength and movement is your ability to control and move your own body-weight at will. Strength is not just about how much you can lift or how many push-ups you can do, but how well you can manage carrying your body through different positions and directions.

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Incorporating full-body functional strength through four categories:
Bent-arm Strength, Straight-arm Strength, Lower Body and Core.



This isn't the upper body development you're used to. Discover your true upper body strength, from the evolution of the push-up, to the development of a pull-up, to the utilization of tools like parallettes and rings.


Learn how to plank, correctly, and experience its evolution into a handstand. Explore exercises that develop the neglected muscles and connective tissues responsible for stability and control.


Develop strength, flexibility and balance, from the hips to the feet. Explore multi-directional and functional movements that will change the way you train your legs forever.



There’s way more to the core than just crunches and leg raises. Experience a 360 degree approach to develop proper core engage and strength.



Learning how to stretch in new ways allows you to move in new ways. Better mobility means better movement, which means better results.

Loaded Flexibility


There is no strength without flexibility. Using active flexibility practices and targeted deep stretching, this class is made to awaken the muscles and joints that modern fitness methods often overlook. Stretch longer, bend further, hold stonger. and see your performance improve across other disciplines. It's not yoga—it's mobility methods made for your hips, hamstrings and shoulders to take your potential to a new level.

Ground Movement


Modern, stationary fitness methods go against our very nature— MOVEMENT is fitness in its natural form. Our movement techniques are inspired by age-old disciplines that will move your practice from isolation to integration to freedom of movement. Tap into your human potential.

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Movement Flow

Ground Movement

Explore the relationship between your body and the ground. Engage in energetic, on-the-ground combinations that include shoulder rolls, special squatting patterns, hand-balancing and footwork plus elements of modern dance, capoeira and martial arts. Movements are designed to challenge different systems of the body as you maneuver across the floor, teaching you how to move your body in all directions—not just up, down, left, right.

How our system works

Our classes are designed for students of all levels. Each class will incorporates a mixture of strength, flexibility, balance and ground movement allowing students to visit each day without overtraining the body. Students that see the best results visit 4-6 times a week.