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If you’ve resolved that this is the year you’re going to keep that New Year’s resolution and drop a few pounds, we’ve got several options to suitvarying degrees of tolerancefor hard work and deprivation.Enroll in Boot Camp- For those who want to fully embrace an around-the-clock weeklongdiet, fitness, and wellness getaway, consider the Ranch atLive Oak/Malibu(theranchmalibu.com). Picture a five-star luxury resort meets summer camp - but withextremely structured diet and exercise. Expect 5:30am wake-up calls, followed by five-hour mountain on a 1,500-calorie-a-day diet. (Don’tworry, a daily massage is included,and you’ll sleep on Frette sheets.) Be prepared to head home a few pounds lighter andwith clear direction on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle.Rally Your Friends- Instead of meeting your girlfriends for after-workdrinks, sign uptogether for a total-body workout. For the beginner:If you’re always coveted surfer absbut aren’t much a beach lover, a good option is SurfSet(surfsetfitness.com), a 45-minute surf-inspired workout that focuses on stability, core strength, and aerobicconditioning. Anticipate sore muscles (and a few laughs)as you try to balance on anunstable, custom-made board. For best results, go threetimes a week for added energyand tone. Calories burned: 450 to 800 per class.For the intermediate: Raise the Bar is a 90-minute class that combines cardio andstrength training with plyometrics and moves from martialarts like kick-boxing andjujitsu, and can help you drop two to four pounds in nine days. “This class is forsomeone who is serious about getting in shape and who loves working out,” says WillTorres, creator of the New York boutique studio Willspace, where the class is held. Forbest results, go twice a week. Calories burned: 700 to 900 per class.

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