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Best Outdoor Fitness Trainers for Every Budget

New York City - With months of dreary days ahead, squeeze the most of the sunny, serene weather by moving your workout outside. From the friendliest trainers to the most intense, and from the simplest classes to those with the most frills, DNAinfo New York has found the best outdoor trainers and classes for every type of exerciser - and every budget.

Results for a Price

For $200 an hour, clients demand results, said Mike Bell, who is part of the relatively new West Village training studio Willspace, owned by Will Torres. Many clients who work out with Bell, 25, along the river and on the West Village piers, are already working out and are looking to amp up their results. Bell will zero in on the clients’ weakness and target it, he said. Speed, conditioning, endurance and strength are the key goals of the outdoor sessions, which the studio has named STEALTH to emphasize the “lean” and “powerful” body you’ll end up with, Bell said. Precise, tailored workout are a hallmark of STEALTH, he added. “I’m big about having a reason why we’re doing things. I find in New York City we have a lot of people who want to know what they’re doing and why I’m choosing it,” Bell said. And when clients are running sprints followed by pushups and sit-ups, it helps to be outside, with sites like One World Trade Center to distract you, Bell said.


August 19th 2013

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By Emily Frost