Willspace in Vanity Fair Magazine: Eight Perfect Workouts to Get Your Last-Minute Beach Body (It's Not Too Late!)

Eight Perfect Workouts to Get Your Last-Minute Beach Body (It’s Not Too Late!)

Memorial Day weekend was my first beach weekend of the summer, and it rained practically the whole weekend. And while everyone else grumbled and moaned, I was secretly happy. I got to read (Where’d You Go, Bernadette-strongly recommend), play games (Settlers of Catan-strongly recommend), and day-drink (AIX rose- strongly recommend). But the activities were just the bonus. The fact was that I was not even close to going anywhere, especially on Fire Island, in my bathing suit. In the end, I had an amazing weekend, but when the sun came out on Monday and the kids emerged in their swim trunks, it was a huge reality check: time to get back to work! I felt like Cathy the cartoon or, worse, one of the people who exercise on the fourth floor of the Greenwich Avenue Equinox, which someone once quipped is for fat girls and injured queens. I am no stranger to working out (well, of late I have been), and I’ve always  been willing to try it all. From FlyBarre to synchronized swimming and boxing to gymnastics, I have done it. While most of these workouts might not be new to you, they are effective. So here are, in my opinion, the eight best workouts to get ready for summer. It’s not too late-put down the bagel and get out there! You can do it!


Will offers a variety of workouts at his clean and charming private studio on Hudson and West 4th. Kickboxing with Little Mike is amazing and personal training with Will is top notch. There is really nothing like personal training to get a better body and Will and his boys are at the top of their game. You will learn exercises that you can combine into your usual workout, and they will take to watch out for injuries one might have. Learning proper technique to avoid injury is also invaluable. The whole experience is super slick, very personal and overall sexy. 

By Michael Carl