Willspace in Well + Good: The Workout Habits of 7 Top Models

The Workout Habits of 7 Top Models

Ashley Smith: Smith, who’s been the face of campaigns for brands like Gap and Forever 21, has been working out with Will Torres at Willsapce for more than two years.

“To keep her body toned and her metabolism burning, we use our Lift program, with an emphasis on lower body and core,” says Torres, who typically trains her two to three times a week. “We’ll do deadlift, which lengthens the hamstrings and glutes while keeping her posture muscles aligned. This combined with squats, lateral lunges, and step-ups keeps her legs long and her butt toned.”

“When she has a photo shoot, we do more Stealth work with her, where we combine aerobics, like kicking and punching combinations on pads, with movements like rope slams or medicine ball tosses,” he says, which helps her stay slim and strong without looking pumped. “Ashley is always up for the challenge and we love her energy and passion for living a healthy, fit life.”

By Ashley Smith