Willspace in GQ: The 10 Best Shirtless Celebrity Selfies of 2013

GQ Fitness: The 10 Best Shirtless Celebrity Selfies of 2013

We pulled together an all-star trainer, a fashion editor, and, most importantly, a real-live lady to weigh in on this year’s onslaught of famous men slipping off their shirts and posing in poorly lit bathrooms

2013 will go down in history as the year the shirtless selfie reached critical mass, as gentlemen young and old couldn’t resist the temptation of stripping down and sharing their sometimes-toned, sometimes-not bodies with thousands of strangers. And while this bro-level move is just about the fastest way to be branded a tool, there are ways to do it right—namely, having a sick body, whether you're a septuagenarian talk-show host, teen idol on the backslide, or one of the greatest athletes ever. Celebrity trainer and Willspace founder Will Torres, GQ.com managing editor Jessica Glavin, and GQ.com fashion editor Matt Sebra take on this year’s crop of bare torsos and tell you what works, what doesn’t, and how every exhibitionist can improve his selfie game for 2014.

10. Pete Wentz

“Anyone have a swimming pool filled with Powerade?”

Fitness: 1/5

Selfie Style: 1/5

JG: Selfie Law #1: Don’t look at the phone, look into my eyes.

MS: Selfie Law #4: Close the door for a clean background.

WT:He has a good start here, but it seems to me he is not doing anything to bring it up to the next level. I would like to see everything brought up a notch or two, including abs, shoulders, chest, and traps

9. James Franco

"All the kids are doing it.”

Fitness: 1/5

Selfie Style: 1/5

WT: If he works out, he probably only does light cardio. There is no muscle development here. I am a little worried as to how the rest of his abs look. He’s tensing really hard here to get the abs to pop.


MS: This is very Craigslist2006. The wall color does nothing for his skin tone, and that's poor selfie posture. Like everything else Franco does: just slightly left of center.

WT: We need to hit the gym fast. I would take a full-body approach with him, breaking down the program to lower body pull/upper body push comprising of deadlifting, shoulder press, bench press, dips, and pushups on one day, and then lower body push/upper body pull including squats, lunges, pullups, and rows on another day. Training 5 days each week.

JG: This is starving for a Seth Rogen photobomb.

8. Zach Braff

“Dear @channingtatum, when are auditions for Magic Mike 2?”

Fitness: 1/5

Selfie Style: 1/5

MS: #thinspiration

WT: His arms actually look good and the abs look ripped. Lighting may be helping though.

JG: It's a little emo (see: Incubus circa '99), but the lighting does add definition to his belly, like the best of spray tans.

MS: I'm assuming he took this in the subterranean darkroom where he stores all the lost Garden State footage no one wants to see. Nice job Vanna White-ing the phone, though.

WT: Feed him a burger and make him lift, lift, lift. Deadlifts, squats, and pullups to start. Full body 3-4 days a week.

7.Justin Bieber


Fitness: 2/5

Selfie Style: 1/5

MS: "NSFW: Topless Rachel Maddow photos ahead."

JG: "Mom, I DON'T NEED sunscreen."

WT: It looks like he works out. He’s thin and lean. His workout probably comprises of a lot of chest and arms, and abs as well even though you can’t see it here. He needs to start doing exercises like deadlifts and squats to exhaustion. These exercises are so challenging to the body that, when performed properly and consistently, they get your body to release testosterone naturally. Our friend Justin could increase his calorie intake a little as well to help put on a little weight.

6. Geraldo Rivera

“70 is the new 50 (Erica and family are going to be so pissed...but at my age...)”

Fitness: 3/5

Selfie Style: 1/5

JG: I always pictured him with darker areola…

MS: Dude, clean up your bathroom. Rookie selfie mistake.

WT: For a 70-year guy, I am very impressed with him. He looks good, lean and healthy. He is probably able to keep the weight off by being strict about his diet. He might do some sort of cardio and/or light lifting a few times a week. He does look a little bloated around the face--he could be drinking a little more than he should. He would benefit from deadlifts, pull-ups, and shoulder presses to develop his core back and shoulders.

MS: Side note: My great aunt Judith wants her glasses back.

5. Tom Hanks

“Thanks to the Hot Racking's crew of the "Mighty Montpelier". Loved the tour. Submariners are bodacious. Hanx”

Fitness: 2/5

Selfie Style: 2/5

WT: Shoulders look good, upper chest looks good, and the neck area looks good as well. We can see his jawline. He would benefit from stealth training: combined fast-paced strength training with cardio.

JG: Navy cap, Ray-Bans—no nip. This is practically presidential.

MS: I really thought Tom Hanks could afford a nicer home.

4. Macklemore

“This that 'I just went into the gift shop of the hotel and came up on some 50% off Cazal's that have been chillen for 20 years' selfie.”

Fitness: 2/5

Selfie Style: 3/5

JG: I dig the statement accessories; it's exactly how I imagine all rappers dress for bed.

WT: He looks like a really fit guy from this angle but in this position the shoulders should pop more, you should be able to see the bottom line of the deltoid. I don’t see this, which leads me to believe he doesn’t workout that much. I would like to see him take on some sort of boxing or kickboxing type of workout.

MS: Nice Instagram filter. He knows his angles, and he put some art direction into this, but Selfie Law #7: Always be aware of what's hanging on the walls behind you—especially if it's sad hotel art.

3. Bow Wow

Fitness: 4/5

Selfie Style: 2/5

JG: How did Bow Wow get a tour of the Downton Abbey set?

WT: Bow Wow’s workouts are most likely comprised of a lot of body weight exercises, tons of abdominal work: It’s always a good thing when your serratus anterior muscles are showing.

MS: Selfie Law #12: If you're trying to flex like a man, best not to wear the same underwear as a high school student.

WT: He should probably starting adding weights to his training. The chest and shoulders can use some attention. If he’s doing pushups, he can add a 25 plate on his back or just hit the bench twice a week with some heavy weight for 8 reps.

2. Lebron James

“Call 911. The weight room just got murdered.”

Fitness: 5/5

Selfie Style: 3/5

WT: This guy looks amazing.Great development everywhere. The legs match his upper body.Both upper and lower body look jacked and it doesn’t look like he’s pulling his stomach in. What’s most impressive about him is that for a big guy he moves with incredible speed and agility.This guy is all muscle.


MS: Impressed with the pic stitch…and that he’s man enough to let himself be photographed in tights.

1. Chris Pratt

“Six months no beer. #GOTG Kinda douchey to post this but my brother made me."

Fitness: 4/5

Selfie Style: 4/5

WT: He has come a long way on his transformation. He should feel very proud of himself. Would be great for him to lean out with some faster-paced weight training sessions combined with shorts bouts of cardio.

MS: Now this is a humblebrag selfie we can get behind, until he posts 100 more of the same thing.

JG: The only thing that bothers me about this photo is the wedding ring.

By Jessica Glavin, Matt Sebra, and Will Torres