Personal Training NYC in Brides: 14 Ways To Stay Slim This Holiday Season

14 Personal Training NYC Ways to Stay Slim This Holiday Season 

Even during the holidays, when you’re tempted with endless flutes of bubbly and all manner of bacon-wrapped nibbles, you can keep your wedding weight-loss plan on track


Sea-ing is Believing - NYC Personal Trainer Will Torres, whose Willspaces West Village gyms in New York attracts fashion types and athletes alike, is keen on seafood as a low-cal party pick. “Tuna carpaccio is a good bet,” he says. “So is shrimp. Fish generally tends to be a smart choice.”


Tiny Treat Spell Trouble - Whether it’s Baked by Melissa or some other purveyor of miniature goodies, the current trend for teensy versions of classic desserts can wreak havoc on your waistline. “Each of those little Baked by Melissa cupcake is super, super rich,” says Torres. “And you can easily eat five or six, which is like a big piece of cake. I tell my clients, Two, and you’re out of there.”

By Dana Wood