Willspace Personal Training Studio in Marie Claire: Holiday Game Plan

The Holiday Game Plan - Here’s how to get your hair, skin, and body primed for party season, with 30 days or just 24 hours to go from some of our favorite West Village gyms.


Countdown: One Month

“You can safely lose 4 to 8 pounds in a month if you exercise five to eight hours a week,” says fitness expert Will Torres, owner of personal training studio Willspace in New York City. Load up on lean protein and vegetables for the fastest results.


Countdown: Two Weeks

Body - Torres stresses strength training and boxing classes to further boost the burn. “When you do cardio activity, metabolism is spiked for three to four hours after you stop. When you do strength training, it’s spiked for 12 to 15 hours,” he explains. with two weeks to go, Torres recommends exercising for three days and resting one day for a total of six workouts a week. Four times a week, workouts should include 30 minutes of strength training (using 8-to12-pound arm weights and 15-to 20 pound leg weights) and 30 minutes of cardio. the other days can be just cardio. “Women can only put on a half a pound to 1 pound of muscle per month, so this much weight won’t bulk you up,” he assures.


Countdown: 24 Hours

For a final spike to your metabolism, try to fit in a 10-minute strengthening session before your party prep. “Do core exercises like planks or squats with arm exercises or kettlebell workouts,” Torres says. “Your body will be tighter and more toned for two to three hours after the workout, so your clothes will fit better.”

By Ning Chao