West Village Gyms in Style.com: Raising The Bar For A New You In 2013

West Village Gyms are Raising The Bar For A New You in 2013


With the holidays here and gone, you can probably measure the amount of cheer you experienced over the past few weeks in calories consumed. Between the eggnog, roasted meats, and a staggering array of sprinkle-dusted, chocolate-encrusted confections that have been on seemingly endless display since the beginning of the month, we’re likely not alone in saying we desperately need to get back to the gym. “January is a time of new beginnings and a fresh start. We do see an increase in the amount of people interested in getting serious about their fitness and health,” confirms Will Torres, the NYC personal trainer who has toned the likes of Riccardo Tisci, Ralph Rucci, and Nick Wooster. “But it can quickly die off by February and March. It’s not motivating going to the gym and doing the same things,” says Torres, the founder of Willspace, one of the best West Village gyms. So, what’s the best way to keep those lofty New Year’s resolutions? Keep things exciting with a new routine.

Torres is hoping to entice people to not only to get back to the gym in 2013, but to stay there with a new program he’s called Raise the Bar, or willRTB. The 90-minute HIIT workout session combines 45 minutes of strength training followed by 45 minutes of cardio activity, like a HIIT jump rope workout. “It challenges strength, endurance, and flexibility, along with balance, coordination, and power that will ignite your metabolism and shed fat,” he elaborates of the four-week program that includes two classes per week, with each class building on the next. Combining lifting, mixed martial arts, like kickboxing and jiu jitsu, and stretching and plyometrics “torches fat,” Torres enthuses, and develops long and lean muscles while boosting metabolism. Here’s the real selling point: each willRTB class will be limited to four people, so you get more of a personal-training feel. In addition to a greater ability to hone individual technique, reduced numbers can increase “mental toughness” as well, says Torres. “The small group is great for the camaraderie.” The foursome that works out together, stays svelte together, as they say.

willRTB will debut in January 2013, at Willspace, 254 W. 10th St., Suite B, NYC. For more information, visit www.willspace.com.