Personal Trainer NYC in Well + Good: 6 January Workout Programs To Set You Up For The Fittest Year Ever

6 January workout programs to set you up for the fittest year ever from our favorite personal trainer NYC

Goal: Get stronger - and sculpted

Program: Raise the Bar at Willspace

On Will Torres’ intense four-week program, classes start with 45 minutes of strength training, followed by 45 minute boxing classes with Mike Medrano. Expect kicks, punches, and primal moves with your hands wrapped like a fighter. Torres says the twice-weekly sessions should burn more than 700 calories, and get you results you can see me. “So many people tell me they’re not getting toned the way they really want, and the missing component is pure lifting,” he says. “They’re not doing the right moves, they’re not doing them correctly, and they’re not liftingenough.” Here’s your chance to change that. $850,

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