NYC Personal Trainer in Esquire: Workout Style: How To Dress For Lifting And Boxing Classes

Workout Style: How to Dress for Lifting and Boxing Classes

We’re a week away from Thanksgiving, the official start to the waistline-expanding holiday season. So, in the interests of ensuring you actually fit into your pants a month from now, we introduce the first in a new series devoted to staying in shape - and looking your best in the process. First on the docket, what to wear for a session at NYC personal training studio Willspace (or, really, any time you're doing personal training NYC).


The Experience - Boxing classes or one-on-one training with Will Torres is an intense combination of lifting heavy weights, kettle bells, and boxing. The “float like a butterfly, sting like a bee” portion acts as cardio - keeping your heart rate up and shredding excess body fat - while all that lifting pumps your muscles. Will puts an emphasis on the deep squat as a major component of a successful lifting routine. It’s not exactly easy, but it works. And that’s what you want, right?


What to Wear - No need to get fancy here. A good T-shirt (like one from Boast) and a simple pair of mesh shorts from Champion are all you need up top. For a foundation, Adidas sneakers designed for power lifting will give you excellent support when you’re dealing with heavy weights.

By Wendell Brown