Willspace in Luxury Attaché: Life. Styled.

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Volume 2, No. 12

Life. Styled.

Willspace - 254 West 10th Street at Hudson Street, Suite B

Nestled in the heart of the West Village, Willspace is Manhattan’s premiere private training facility, designed for clients to reach their maximum wellness potential. The brainchild of renowned trainer and fitness expert, Will Torres, willspace is a high -caliber training studio where clients transform their bodies, push their limits and discover their inner will. With over 15 years of experience, his reputation of “the golden touch,” has built him an impressive client list of celebrities and fashion notables.

Approaching fitness though integrated training techniques, each client is guided one-on-one through a custom-tailored program. The supercharged sessions focus on core strength, endurance and flexibility. Unique series of asymmetrical combinations utilize the body’s own weight and exercise multiple muscle groups simultaneously. Every four weeks, trainer dedicate time to discuss client’s individual progress, measuring body composition, setting new goals and celebrating milestones.

Receive 10% off your first session at willspace when booking through your Lifestyle Manager.