Personal Training Studio in Finoman: Meet The NYC Personal Trainer, Will Torres

Meet the NYC Personal trainer Will Torres. sometimes, we all need a little kick in the butt when it comes to our fitness regiment and often, the difference between you and that much-more-in-shape-and-toned guy, is a kick-ass trainer.

Well body meet your potential: Meet Will Torres. A Jersey City native and NYC personal trainer, Torres says he caught the gym bug early when he began working out to deal with the stresses of being a new father. After nearly fifteen years training in New Jersey he moved to New York City and transformed his 300-square foot living space into a fully equipped personal training studio and boxing gym. Word quickly got out that people were training with Torres and coming out looking like a healthy Calvin Klein model and an impressive client list began to accumulate. In 2010 Torres began laying out the blueprint for this current personal training studio and boxing gym, WILLSPACE, which opened April 2011.

“[The personal training  studio] is all about privacy and technique,” says Torres. The space definitely boasts an intimate and sleek atmosphere. Visitors are welcomed and into an open space occupied with sleek machinery and complimented by toffee colored leather benches and photographs by Caitlin Mitchell. A second room welcomes you through glass doors where clients can take Torres’ custom boxing classes and HIIT jumprope workout.

Torres says he wanted to create a space that’s intimate and where people can feel comfortable. Training with Torres or one of his five on-staff trainers is by appointment. “The key with the training is evolving the program,” says Torres. “The challenge with men is that they like to come in and push weights around without taking time to focus on their flexibility and agility. A lot of men don’t go to classes but their hips and shoulder are very tight. It’s about developing bodies in men that have strength, power, endurance and agility.”

Well how do you achieve that? For starters, a great compliment to personal training are boxing classes offered at the studio. The classes, which was also inspiration for our sport editorial caps at six students per class. Involve a lot of twisting, punching, and kicking. The goal of course is to develop your strength, agility, and flexibility while conditioning your body.

The result? You look like David Beckham. Well your version at least. With a burgeoning list of clients that include fashion starts like Givenchy’s Riccardo Tisci and designer Ralph Rucci most of his male enthusiasts are aiming for that lean, athletic look that looks great in Armani. But the real goal is a life goal as Torres laments; “How you feel about your body effects your approach to life and the relationships you have.”

To Train With Will: $300 per session

Trainers: $200


TORRES TIPS - The clients that see the best results work out at least five times during the week.


Out of Town? - If you don’t do something in three days your body starts losing progress. So make sure to incorporate a work out a least twice during your vacation. Find a personal training studio nearby. If not, go running, run stairs, or even workout in your hotel room.

Exercise- Push into lunges into bike crunches into “burpes.” Work these in a series and repeat 4-5 times. Shouldn’t take you more than 15 minutes. A TRX HIIT workout is also doable, as is a HIIT jump rope workout. 

Hot Topic - So what’s “in,” in the fitness world for men? Legs and butt are the new abs.

By Jenna Williams

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