Willspace in Dujour Magazine: Best New Fitness Program: WillRTB (Raise The Bar) At Willspace NYC

Best New Fitness Program: willRTB (Raise the Bar) at Willspace NYC

If you’re hard-care about getting back into shape after a holiday slump - and we mean really hard-core - look no further than willRTB, a new four-week program at willspace, the boutique personal training studio in New York’s West Village. Led by owner Will Torres, the semi-private sessions combine 45 minutes of strength training with 45 minutes of intense cardio like mixed martial arts, kickboxing and Jiu-Jitsu. (And please know that when willspace describes it as “super charged fat-scorching,” they’re not kidding.) Clients can burn between 700-900 calories per RTB class. Packages are $850 for eight sessions, to be completed over a consecutive four week period (maximum of four people per class); www.willspace.com.