Willspace in GQ: 10 Essentials: Andy Cohen

10 Essentials: Andy Cohen

Watch What Happens Live host Andy Cohen, he of Housewife-wrangling fame, shares the 10 things that he can’t live without. (Besides, err drama)

5. Will Torres

"I've been seeing Will Torres from WillSpace for a year and a half now and he's changed my life. He hasn't just got me in shape. He's changed me mentally. His training helps me keep a schedule and anchor my life. We box on the weekends. At first I was like, wait, boxing? I'm a Jewish guy. Jews don't box! But I'm really into it. I won't even use punching bags. I punch him. It's like that game Simon with the four colors. Blue, green, yellow, blue, green. I pound him in different formations and it's such a heavy work out."

By Andrew Richdale