Willspace in TimeOut New York: Arms And Chest Workout

Arms and Chest Workout - Will Torres, 33, owner of willspace boutique personal-training studio

This routine is designed to develop the chest and arm muscles in a balanced, symmetrical way. The workout uses double-move exercises: Performing two moves at once improves coordination and engages the core as muscles work to keep the body aligned. Superset the A and B exercises by performing one after the other, then rest for one minutes. If you’re just getting started, perform each exercise twice with 8 to 12 reps each time. If you’re jump-starting your current program, do three sets of 8 to 12 reps. Warm up for five to ten minutes on a treadmill or cross-trainer.

A. Plank Row - 1. Placing one hand on a flat block and the other on a dumbbell, stabilize in a plank position. 2. Bending at the elbow, pull one dumbbell toward your chest. Pause, then lower the dumbbell to the floor. Switch arms and repeat.

B. Single-arm chest press - 1. Lying on your back on a flat bench, place one hand on your stomach and hold a dumbbell in the other hand. The arm holding the dumbbell should be held out to the side of your body and bent at the elbow. 2. Lift the dumbbell straight up to the ceiling, pause and lower the dumbbell to position one. Switch arms and repeat.


A. Incline press with bicep curl - 1. Lying on your back on a bench set to an incline, hold two dumbbells to your shoulders. One palm should be facing toward you and the other palm should be facing away form you. 2. Straighten the arm with the palm facing away to you towards the ceiling (incline press), while simultaneously bending the elbow and lowering the other arm toward the floor (bicep curl), creating a straight vertical line with your arms. Return to position one. Switch arms and repeat. Use the half the weight for the bicep curl as you are using the incline press.

B. Pullover - 1. Lying on your back on a flat bench, hold two dumbbells in each hand with your arms extended straight towards the ceiling. 2. Lower your arms, keeping your elbows slightly bent, behind your head until they are approximately parallel with the floor. Return to position one.


A. Pull-down with overhead press - 1. Sitting at a pull-down machine, hold a weight in one hand at your shoulder, with your elbow pointed straight ahead, and hold the handle of the pull-down machine, set to half the weight you are holding in your other hand. 2. While pulling the handle down in one hand, simultaneously raise the arm holding the weight up until your arm is straight and pointing at the ceiling. Return to position one. Switch arms and repeat.

B. Single-arm dumbbell fly - 1. Lying on your back on a flat bench, hold a dumbbell in one hand straight above you, with your arm extended up toward ceiling. Keep your other arm by your side, with your palm resting on the side of your thigh. 2. Lower your arm out to your side with your elbow slightly bent and your palm facing inward. Return to position one. Switch arms and repeat.


Modified burbees - 1. Standing with your feet shoulder width apart, squat down and place your palms on the floor. 2. Kick your legs back into the push-up position. 3. Bend your elbows and lower you body until it’s about one inch off the floor. 4. Push back up to high push-up position, jump both of your feet outside of your hands, then stand straight up. Repeat 25 times.


Torres’ Fitness Favorites

“One of my favorite places to run outdoors is the Manhattan Waterfront Greenway, along the West Side Highway. Running by the Hudson River helps to inspire me.”

“Two of my favorite peices of gym equipment are the RSV straps (trxtraining.com) and kettlebells. One of my trainers, Mike Bell, trains me with them. I enjoy all of the boyd-weight exercises I can do with the TRX straps, and the kettlebells help me devleow power.”

“The best rocoverty drink is Amplified Recoverty Protein by GNC (gnc.com). I only take it after my strength workouts to help my muscles recover after a session with the weights. The best flavor is vanilla.”

“Whenever I want to treat myself. I go to Oasis Day Spa for a facial or massage. It’s super relaxing; they’re very professional. I normally go for facials and then treat myself to a massage every once in a while.” 1 Park Ave between 32nd and 33rd Sts (212-254-7722, oasisdayspanyc.com)

Train with Torres

254 W. 10th St. at Hudson St., Suite B (201-780-0351, willspace.com). E-mail willspace.com to schedule an appointment.