Willspace in Brides: Get Your Pilates Body

Track Stars - Want to tone your pilates body for your big day? Gear up with one of these high-tech fitness trackers. Winter 2013

1. More the Merrier - FitBit Zip, $60

Tiny, affordable, and super-cute, this peppy gadget is also quite social: You and your bridesmaid can connect online (or via smartphone) and find out the precise moment you’ve all sweated enough to meet for margaritas.

2. Goal for It - Nike+ FuelBand, $149

This chic wristband keeps tabs on every move you make-from the two flights of stairs at your office to Tuesday night’s Zumba class- and converts them into a single number, dubbed “NikeFuel.” To keep you pumped, it prompts you to set a daily “fuel” target- perfect for sporty brides who love a challenge.

3. Dram Big - Zeo Bedside Sleep Manager, $149

Shut-eye-deprived? You’ll have a harder time fending off carb cravings, says fitness guru Joe Dowdell. “If you’re sleeping well, you’re setting up a hormonal environment that helps you make better food choices,” Dowdell explains. This soft headband syncs to a clock that monitors that quality of your sleep-and (most important) tells you how to improve it!

4. Join The Club - Weight Watchers ActiveLink, $40

Think of this as a mobile Weight Watchers meeting. It assesses your activity level and turns into PointsPlus values. Translation: The more often you take the stairs instead of the elevator, the quicker you’ll earn that brownie a la mode.

5. C’Mon Get App-Y - MyFitnessPal, free

This app offers a huge database of food info (1.7 million items!), including the calories in that Chicken Fajita Rollup at Applebee’s. “Brides are motivated when they know what’s going on, calorie wise,” says trainer Will Torres