Willspace in Well + Good: 5 Professional Fighters Turned Boxing Gym Trainer

5 professional fighters turned boxing gym trainers

Jennifer Lopez

New Jersey-native Jennifer Lopez started boxing in high school at 16, and got into MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) after college. As a fierce competitor with a 4-1 record and lots of medals on her mantel, Lopez immediately recognized the high level of physical fitness needed to win. “I believe you can be the most skilled person in the world, but if you’re not in shape, you can lose to someone who’s in shape but possesses no skill,” she says. She brings the intensity and dedication she put into her own workouts into sessions with clients as a trainer at Will Torres’ studio, Willspace, one of the West Village gyms. “I want clients to experience the energy, the strength, and the mental toughness that boxing has given me,” Lopez says. 

By Wellness Wire