Willspace in Lifestyle Mirror: Pump It Up: Three NYC Personal Trainer Spring Playlists

Pump It Up: three NYC personal trainer spring playlists

Is it just us or has winter overstayed its welcome? Luckily, Spring is just around the corner bringing warm weather and longer daylight hours- in other words, more reason to take more time for fitness. We know finding the right kind of motivation can be difficult, so we asked three of our favorite trainers to create Spotify playlists with their favorite workout music. We got three very different mixes, which means you can choose the playlist that caters to your workout preference. Equinox trainer and creator of The Monster Cycle Michael Macneal chose some of today’s top hits like Calvin Harris‘ “Sweet Nothing” that help keep endorphins up, while Scott Herman’s playlist favors the ore...abrasive artists like Korn and Linkin Park who seem like the perfect stand-in for the stereotypical ass-kicking trainer. And willspace founder Will Torres‘ mix is a grab bag, featuring everything from Puff Daddy to Bruno Mars. Take these playlists with you wherever you decide to work out and they’ll help you get on the right track just in time for spring. 

By Lucy McLaughlin (@LucyKMcL)