How to Build Muscle Fast

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- Justin Stenstrom

One of the most common mistakes I see, even at some of the best NYC gyms, is a lack of intensity. A lot of people train at the same intensity for every workout. This means they always do the same amount of reps even with added weight. Your muscles crave variation, and it is important to produce a demand on the muscles, body, and mind to improve, evolve, and reach your goals.

Will Torres Weightlifting

There are also some ways to add intensity. One way to do that is “pre-exhaustion”. This technique is when you take a muscle that you want to focus on, and you can do an isolation exercise for that muscle immediately followed by a larger, more compound movement. For example, when you do dumbbell pullovers followed by pull-ups Your arms will always fatigue before your lateral muscles do, so by exhausting the lateral muscles first and THEN doing a pull-up, the arms will not hold you back as much in developing your back.

Some other great examples are leg curls followed by squats and chest-flies followed by chest press.

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