Ultimate Boxing Workout

Adriana Lima, Gisele and Doutzen Kroes are just a few of the models that have taken to social media to show off their hooks and punches. Clearly a boxing workout routine is an athletic pursuit that can have you in tip-top shape, and it can be a great way to (legally) get rid of that holiday stress. With some serious motivation and fitspo in mind I turned to the experts at Willspace, a New York City personal training studio best known for training models, moguls and celebrities and asked them to highlight boxing-inspired workout moves that can blast away the calories while building muscle and stamina. The best part? You can do this boxing workout routine in your own home.

Jump rope for weight loss

Jump Rope

Be sure to use a rope that is the correct length: when you step on the middle of the rope with both your feet, the top of the handles should sit under the armpits. Take one turn per jump making sure your heels never touch the ground (i.e. stay on the balls of your feet).

Straight punches for toned arms

Straight Punches

Punch straight with your dominant-side foot behind you. Alternate between each hand, keeping elbows in tight and turning punches over at the end. In other words, start off with your fist facing your face and as you straighten your arm to punch it should finish with your wrist facing downward. The hand you are not hitting with should be up near your face.

squat for better butt


Start standing with feet shoulder-width apart and shoulders pinched back. Keep a straight line from your ears, shoulders, hips, knees and ankles. Lower down, driving knees slightly apart and pushing hips back. Pinch shoulders back and keep back straight. Don’t collapse forward. You want to grip the floor with your whole foot. Don’t let toes raise up. Drive through the center of your foot to stand back up and recreate that straight line.

Cross Hook.jpg

Cross Hook

or this move you should be in the same stance as with your straight punches. When throwing a hook, it comes from the shoulder. Your palms should face you. Bend your elbow in an “L” shape and turn your hips and shoulders without leaning. Make sure that the hand you are not hitting with stays up.


Jumping Jacks

Start with feet together and hands down by your side. Next, jump feet out to the sides as you raise arms above your head. Immediately reverse that motion by jumping back to the starting position.


Knee Strike

Start in your stance with the dominant foot back. Slightly tap your back foot then your front foot; this sends your weight shifting back and forth allowing you to add more power to the knee strike. Drive your knee up and forward, pointing your toe to the floor and bringing your heel to the butt. This lets you bring your hip forward into the strike rather than keeping it back. Swing the same side hand that you strike your knee with to add more force. Make sure the opposite hand is up near your face.



Start in squat position. Bring hands to the floor. This is different than a burpee because your hips are lowered down to the floor and your chest is up. You want the tops of your feet turned toward the ground (i.e. laces down); this simulates defending a takedown. Next, jump back up with a straight line from your ears to your shoulders, hips, knees and ankles.



Lay flat on the ground with your arms over your head. Reach for your toes with your legs and your arms straight. 


Do these eight moves for 30 seconds each. Repeat the circuit three times, taking a one-minute break between each round. 

- Sharon Feiereisen